Toucans, Treetops & Tiny Frogs

Toucan, Costa Rica

Toucan Play That Game!

I got to visit Costa Rica recently – and it totally bowled me over. Reason being, the colours are out of this world. From lime green to hot pink, this Latin American slice could give the Dulex colour chart a run for its money.


I’m pretty lucky. As a travel blogger, I get to tick off a lot of the world under the pretext of ‘work’. This time last year, for instance, I was in Cape Town in South Africa. Since then I’ve managed to squeeze in jaunts to Thailand, Majorca and Paris. I’m currently planning out a trip-ette to Mauritius next month. But arguably the highlight of my year – so far – was my visit to Costa Rica.


This piece of the Latin American puzzle totally blew me away. Tropical beaches aside, it’s jam-packed with action and adventure – think zip-lining, horse riding, rainforest trekking and river tubing. And then there’s the wildlife to consider. From bright-beaked toucans to plucky little hummingbirds by way of uber-cute tree frogs, Costa Rica isn’t backwards at coming forwards on the nature front.


Red-eyed Tree Frog

Red-eyed Tree Frog

The thing that really sticks in my mind is the country’s colour palette. The shades of green alone rendered me punch drunk. And that’s before you throw in the hues courtesy of the exotic blooms and butterflies. Seriously, I could wax lyrical about Costa Rica’s colour chart but, as the saying goes, a picture can tell a thousand words. So here’s an ‘Instaguide’ I compiled for the Thomson travel blog not so long ago. Enjoy.

Check out my Instaguide to Costa Rica here.