Coffins, Drive-thrus & Strippers

Camp Skeletor?

Camp Skeletor?

Okay, so Halloween might have been and gone, but who doesn’t like a creepy tale or two – especially when it’s based on real life? Here’s my guide to spine-tingling death rites from around the globe…

Freaky Funerals

The saying goes better late than never. And that’s certainly the case regarding this post I penned for the Thomson travel blog – it was written to coincide with Halloween a few weeks ago. And while our obsession with things that go bump in the night has been put to bed for another year, I thought it still made for interesting reading, despite the distinct lack of pumpkins by our doors. After all, anything that deals with death is always worth a macabre glance.

Bonkers Burials

Here, I take a look at bizarre funeral rites from around the world, including having your bones pecked clean by buzzards, being propped up in the corner of the family home for months on end, and even being laid out to rest in a drive-thru funeral parlour. Oh and let’s not forget strippers pole dancing at your wake…

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