A Retrospective: Live On Location – Mauritius Day 10

Having ticked off a fair few sights in Mauritius over the previous few days, I decided I was due a bit of down time. But rather than make my usual beeline for the beach, I decided to check out the spa facilities at the Ambre Resort & Spa where I was styaing. Suffice to say, I left feeling suitably chillaxed. You can read my full review here, on the Thomson travel blog.

IMG_0924  IMG_0930

Waxing Lyrical

Something I didn’t mention in my write-up was who I crossed paths with in the spa. As I was in the relaxation zone, sipping a refreshing infusion, a lady settled herself in the lounger adjacent to me. She asked me, ‘What are you in for?’, to which I replied, ‘A massage’. The lady, who I somehow thought I knew but couldn’t place, said, ‘Lucky you! I’m in for a bikini wax!’.

Buffalo Chance Encounter

It wasn’t until sometime afterwards that the penny dropped. The Ctrl+F function I’d been running in my head suddenly found what it had been looking for. I knew I recognised that woman – it was none other than Neneh Cherry. Yes, of Buffalo Stance fame. Altogether now… Gigolo! Huh? Sucker!


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