Strictly, Blackpool & Towers

The Blackpool Tower

The Blackpool Tower

It’s funny how things inspire you. In this case, how a recent stag do up in Blackpool sparked an office debate about towers around the world…

The Tower Ballroom, Blackpool

The Tower Ballroom, Blackpool

In the Saturday night clash of the telly titans – X Factor vs Strictly Come Dancing – my TIVO sights are set firmly on BBC1. Yep, tango and samba win out over wannabe crooners any day. Just as well really since one of my mates works on the sequin-fest that is Strictly. In fact, when it came to his recent stag do, a gang of us trained it up to Blackpool to the famous Tower Ballroom for a private dancing lesson. And yes, before you ask, Lycra was involved. We also got to scale the iconic tower and sip Champers from the glass-floored observation deck.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris

The Eiffel Tower, Paris

Back at work, I told my colleagues about my weekend away and how I got to go up the Blackpool Tower. It got us thinking – or rather arguing – about other towering super-structures around the world. So I pulled together a chart rundown of my favourites. Top of my list was the Eiffel Tower (bien sur!), followed by Space Needle in Seattle, with the Leaning Tower of Pisa taking the bronze medal. The Empire State Building and the Petronas Towers made the grade, too. For the full she-bang, click on the link below.

Read the full rundown here.

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