Doctor Who, Locations & Geeky Factoids

Tardis & Dalek

Tardis & Dalek

Doctor Who Premiere in London – plus the Overseas Location Guide…

When Doctor Who burst back onto our screens this summer with Peter Capaldi as the latest incarnation of the TIme Lord, I was lucky enough to get an invite to the ‘premiere’ in London at the Odeon Leicester Square.


Me & the Tardis



My inner geek had a nerdgasm – as if catching a glimpse of the TARDIS, a dalek and a cyberman wasn’t enough, the series producer, Steven Moffat, was seated just a few rows behind me. More on him on a blog post coming soon… While I had mixed feelings about the story itself, it was great to be part of the whole event.

Doctor Who Cinema Screen

Doctor Who on the big screen

Doctor Who Q&A Panel

Doctor Who Q&A Panel

Anyway, in honour of the new series and the new Doc, I penned a special Doctor Who-related post for the Thomson travel blog – The Overseas Location Guide.

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