The Sistine Chapel, The Wailing Wall & 6 Other Sacred Sites

Monreale Cathedral

Monreale Cathedral, Sicily

Chapels, mosques, monasteries, walls, cathedrals, temples – and other religious wonders  

While I might be a card-carrying atheist, I am absolutely fascinated by religion. In particular I’m bowled over by the monuments man builds to his gods. Let’s be honest, they’re pretty impressive. And that was the inspiration behind this post I wrote for the Thomson travel blog…

8 Sacred Sites From Around The World

Chickpeas, Levantine Kitchen & Hummus Bros

Hummus Bros - Christian Mouysset (right)

Hummus Bros – Christian Mouysset (right)

I recently got to interview Christian Mouysset, one half of the Hummus Bros, on the launch of their new cook book, Levantine Kitchen.

Now, in case you don’t know what ‘Hummus Bros’ is, it’s a funky chain of restaurants in London that specialise in, surprise surprise, all things hummus. Yes, they’ve taken the humble chickpea dip and turned it into a mealtime star.



Check out the interview – which includes a great recipe for chunky guacamole – here… The Hummus Bros Talk Hummus.

Doctor Who, Locations & Geeky Factoids

Tardis & Dalek

Tardis & Dalek

Doctor Who Premiere in London – plus the Overseas Location Guide…

When Doctor Who burst back onto our screens this summer with Peter Capaldi as the latest incarnation of the TIme Lord, I was lucky enough to get an invite to the ‘premiere’ in London at the Odeon Leicester Square.


Me & the Tardis



My inner geek had a nerdgasm – as if catching a glimpse of the TARDIS, a dalek and a cyberman wasn’t enough, the series producer, Steven Moffat, was seated just a few rows behind me. More on him on a blog post coming soon… While I had mixed feelings about the story itself, it was great to be part of the whole event.

Doctor Who Cinema Screen

Doctor Who on the big screen

Doctor Who Q&A Panel

Doctor Who Q&A Panel

Anyway, in honour of the new series and the new Doc, I penned a special Doctor Who-related post for the Thomson travel blog – The Overseas Location Guide.

Long-tail boats, temples & street food

Demon state, Thailand

Demon statue, Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand

My Thailand pic features on the Thomson’s travel blog 🙂

Back in January, I went backpacking around Thailand. I got a great deal through work and so jetted off on one of Thomson‘s fresh-from-the-wrapping 787 Dreamliners (amazing, amazing planes – so much room to stretch out in) for tuppence ha’penny.

As any of my Facebook friends will attest, I took a fair few photos while I was out there – one of which made it onto the Thomson travel blog as ‘The View From Here’. The shot happened to be of Maya Bay on the island of Ko Phi Phi Leh which you might remember from the film The Beach starring Leonardo di Caprio.

Check out my pic here… The View From Here