Extant, Halle Berry & Mostlyfilm.com

Extant UK Premiere

Extant UK Premiere

Well, you don’t do that every week – pop to BAFTA, meet a robot and watch a premiere. But that’s precisely what I did…

Extant - Canapes and Cocktails

Extant – Canapes and Cocktails

One of my friends is the editor at Mostlyfilm.com – a cool blog about, yes you’ve guessed it, films. Well, films and telly. Anyway, she asked me if I’d write a review of EXTANT, the new sci-fi tele-series starring Halle Berry that aired this evning on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Extant Invite

Extant Invite

Being a) a writer by trade and b) a card-carrying science fiction geek, I jumped at the offer with both hands. And so, on Tuesday night, I rocked up at BAFTA in central London for an exclusive press screening. 


Hello BAFTA!

Before I settled down in the stall for the showing, I got to pose for a selfie with a robot. Yes, a robot. Reason being, EXTANT’s storyline includes a sub-plot about androids with artificial intelligence.


C3-PO’s mate


They’re taking over!

Anyhow, here’s what I thought about EXTANT. Oh, and thanks again to the lovely folk at Mostlyfilm.com – much appreciated.

My Review of EXTANT


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