The World’s Best Diet | Top 5 Takeaways From Around The World

English Breakfast

Fat-filled Full English Breakfast

Did anyone see The World’s Best Diet on Channel 4 the other night? Talk about food for thought…

No surprise that the UK didn’t score overly well. Hardly a shocker given that many of us start the day with a fry-up and round things off with a plate of fish’n’chips. Mind you, we did a lot better than the likes of Australia, which seems to be breeding a nation of chubbers. And there was me thinking they were all sports mad skinny-bilinky-long-legs down under.

Fish and Chips

Good Old Fish & Chips

Of course, one of the biggest culprits was the USA where waistlines are expanding faster than the frontiers of Russia into the Ukraine. A curveball came courtesy of Mexico. 50 or so years ago it was a fairly slimline nation. But American influence on diets has resulted in Mexicans piling on the pounds. Not only that, but apparently Mexico has one of the worst dental records due to all the fizzy drinks it glugs each year. It was really sad to see kids of 5 or 6 at the dentist with mouthfuls of black, peg-like, rotting teeth.

So who topped the chart with a holier-than-thou healthy food halo? My money was on Japan or one of the Nordic countries – all of whom did very well in the poll. However it was Iceland that took the top spot with its ultra-healthy mix of fish, fish and more fish – the rawer the better. Now, while I like sushi now and again and am partial to smoked salmon at weddings, I’m not a massive wet fish lover – at least not when it’s herring-y.

Thankfully, some of my favourite types of food made it into the top 10 with ItalySpain and France all scoring very well in the healthy eating stakes. Just as well really as I’d pulled together this blog post for First Choice the other day…

Top 5 Takeaways From Around The World





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  1. Oh…I’m drooling after reading that.

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